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Accelerate your Understanding of
Data Governance in
Australia in 2024

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Enabling Data Governance can be challenging

The amount of control you now need to proactively manage and mitigate the risks associated with big data, with an emphasis on having robust and automated frameworks to ensure your regulatory, privacy and security data obligations are met.

If you don’t have a clear governing framework, you are at risk of becoming the next Optus or Medibank.

At the bare minimum, you may:

  • Struggle to ensure your organisation’s data is secure, private, and usable.

  • Waste time attempting to implement top-down data governance strategies.

  • Fail to consider the latest governance trends and emerging vendors offerings.

  • Fail to recognise the importance of automation and collaboration in your solution.

  • Try to implement as a big bang one off project, rather than a collaborative journey.

Ultimately you may end up slowing down your business and crippling its growth with ineffective business practices and over engineered governance and controls. Novon understands this challenge and has seen this in both large and small companies throughout Australia. Novon has worked with some of the largest enterprises in the region, guiding them to understand and implement appropriate data governance solutions that meet their business needs.

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Overview of Next Gen Data Governance Whitepaper

Introducing the Next Gen Data Governance Whitepaper - an indispensable resource for technology managers, CTOs, CIOs, and CSO in growing corporations.

In this freshly updated, detailed guide, you’ll be informed about five key areas:

State of the Industry
State of the Industry

An informed look at the state of the industry, the tools currently used and what the future looks like with Active Metadata (V3.0 data catalogues)

Data Trends
Data Trends

What the explosion in data (that we are all witnessing) actually means in terms of data diversity, security and privacy

Planning Data Governance
Planning Data Governance 

How to think differently about data governance when applied to the modern data stack and data driven architectures

Setting Sensible Expectations
Setting Sensible Expectations

What to expect when data governance is implemented correctly

Data Governance Scorecard
Data Governance Scorecard

A complete framework and scorecard for considering key data governance and data catalogue vendors

Download the Next Gen Data Governance Whitepaper

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